Thank you for your interest in BIBS - we look forward to receiving your business inquiry.

We greatly appreciate the interest from the many businesses that would like to distribute and sell our products.

To be considered as a wholesale client, kindly include below information in your application. This will allow us to assess the potential of a partnership.

  • If you have a physical store, kindly include pictures to give us a feel for your universe. Likewise, if you have a web shop – kindly forward the link.
  • Kindly provide a short recap of the baby brands you sell in your shop. Do mention if you sell own-produced or pre-used products.
  • Kindly provide us with your tax or business identification number, which is a requirement to become a BIBS wholesale client.

Bear in mind, that if there is a distributor in your market, we will refer you to the relevant contact. In these cases, it is not possible to order directly from us.

Things to consider before submitting your business inquiry:

  • If your store has not yet launched, kindly reach out to us when your shop is open for business.
  • We do not accept wholesale clients whose main point of sale is located on marketplaces such as,,, or social media such as Instagram or Facebook. Kindly establish a web shop or physical store to be considered as a wholesale client.

If you fulfill above requirements and can provide us with the requested information, do not hesitate to send your inquiry to
Please write "US Wholesale request" in the topic.

Our team will get back to you with further information as quickly as possible.

Already a wholesale customer?

If you are already approved as a wholesale client, kindly enter our wholesale shop here.

Marketing inquiries?

If you want to collaborate together with BIBS regarding marketing related activities, you should reach out to Be aware, that we have a lot of inquiries and therefore only respond to those of interest.