Navigating the Pacifier Journey: Insights and Experiences from our Parentboard

Early parenthood is filled with new experiences and discoveries, and embarking on the pacifier journey is no exception. To gather insights, we reached out to our Parentboard, where we discovered a wealth of wisdom and unique stories. From the moment of introduction, to finding "the one" pacifier, this exploration offers a glimpse into the variety of perspectives and heartfelt moments shared by parents during this special time in their little one’s life.  

Question 1: Which BIBS pacifier is your baby's favorite pacifier?

Unsurprisingly, the answers to this question greatly varied, highlighting the diverse needs and preferences of individual babies. Here's an overview of the general preferences expressed by parents:

Material: Latex emerged as the more popular choice among parents, though Silicone came in close second.

Nipple Shape: The round nipple shape was a commonly preferred option among parents, with a tie between the symmetrical and anatomical nipple shapes.

Size: Parents were divided between size 1 and size 2, each garnering considerable support reflecting the importance of finding the right fit for babies.

Shield: The BIBS Colour shield was highly favored by parents, though other shield options like De Luxe, Supreme, Infinity, and Glow also received notable mentions.

Question 2: Can you paint a picture of the moment your baby first encountered our pacifier?

"She was looking a bit confused since she only had been used to breastfeeding, so it definitely took her some time to get used to it.  I always thought it was easy and that they would just take it right away, but we found out that we had to try several until we found the right one". - Vera’s mom, Charlotte

Question 3: How did you discover which pacifier was "the one" for your baby?

"We hit the jackpot straight away! We read that the round pacifier made of natural rubber latex was most like a woman’s nipple and a perfect match for babies that breastfeed. Never tried any others". - Iris’s mom, Olivia

"First we tried the round nipple, size 2, since I had heard about it being the best for breastfeeding, and was very determined that it had to be that one. Unfortunately she gagged right away, since her reflex was so short. Next I tried size 1, but she still gagged. After that I had to come to terms with trying others. When I bought the Try-It Collection I found out that the anatomical nipple is actually the best for her mouth shape!" - Vera’s mom, Charlotte

Question 4: Were there any memorable moments which showed you the unique bond between your baby and their pacifier?

"Our baby had to be in an incubator in the beginning and wasn’t allowed to be held for very long. It was tough to be away, but the nurses recommended a pacifier, and the BIBS pacifier settled him down very easily. It made a difficult night much easier for both mom and baby." - Joseph’s Dad, Niel

Question 5: Was there anything unexpected in your pacifier journey?

"I learned that its not “just” giving your baby a pacifier and then it’s done. I was very surprised at how hard it can be to convince your baby to accept the pacifier and that picking out the right size, material, shape, etc. truly does matter." - Vera’s mom, Charlotte

Question 6: Have you noticed any surprise instances where the pacifier played a significant role?

"The pacifier allowed us to comfort our baby in unfamiliar environments, particularly at the pediatrician's office and during vaccine appointments. It really helped provide relief when I couldn’t breastfeed to do so." - Victoire’s mom, Amélie

"The pacifier, along with a Sleepytroll, was a game-changer for me as a first-time mom. It helped soothe my baby during car rides and in the pram (which she hated at first), making it easier for me to go out and be social. It also extended her sleep during naps and bedtime." - Vera’s mom, Charlotte

"The pacifier has been crucial for her sleeping. She is excited to get in her crib at night because that means it is paci time! She sleeps a solid 12 hours at night and has ever since she was little, thanks to the pacifiers." - Zara’s mom, Heather