BIBS Parentboard

BIBS Parentboard

Are you a parent or a parent-to-be and want to take part in testing products and building our BIBS community? 

Knowing you gives us the best incentive for creating the best products for you and your little ones. We want to inspire parents and build a forum where you can get inspired by each other’s learnings in your new role as a parent. Therefore, we have created the BIBS Parentboard.  

The BIBS Parentboard, gives you the opportunity to share your experiences and insights as a parent as well as test new and existing BIBS products and thereby influence our development and our BIBS community. 

Sign up for our Parentboard by filling out this short questionnaire:

Fill out the application here

As part of the Parentboard, you will test products that fit your little one, share your journey and experiences as a parent, and participate in self-selected activities such as surveys, interviews, focus-groups, events, and photoshoots. We have limited spots in the Parentboard every season, so we can't guarantee you get a spot right away, but we accept all registrations! 

Keep in mind that we will reach out to you if we want you to take part in selected activities in the Parentboard. 

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